Ode to news of the astronomical important March 16th 2012.

While others eyes watch Jupiter & Venus dance in the night
With Messenger exposing Mercury’s own fools gold core
In one exhuberant burst from the Sun
Auras scintillate in resonance, Earth and Mars
To point our glances out to a phoniex star.
Look up tonight to Mars
Within the heart of Leo the Lion, so close
Look up toward the center of fading radiant glow of our original cosmic birth
So cold one can only hear it glow, so as to know.
Shift your glance within a breath of a New Moon
And become one with a moment.
As an extraordinary event in space and time is now unfolding.
So faint and far awayBut with the brilliance of 500 million suns. And it is happen now.
And 38 million year ago at one, depends on you in space time.
New moon, but not a fairy moon
Took my binoculars into the dark sky
Regulus, Chort, Barsoom, and slightly below the belly
Photons must have hit my eye
But lost in the blur of quantum uncertainty on my retina.
Did I see it or not? Entanglement?
Will seek clarity tomorrow as it glows more brilliant,
Night by night